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Applications to be considered at the next planning committee

In the Planning Committee, a number of major recent planning applications or controversial other types of application are discussed. Find out more here.


  • Find a list below of applications that will be considered at the next Planning Committee

PLEASE NOTE – Due to the Covid 19 pandemic our Committee have arrangements have changed – find out more here about our new virtual committee and how you can participate

If you wish to register to make a representation at the meeting, please complete the online form which will be available here when the agenda is published.

NOTE: There will be no meetings held at the Town Hall for the foreseeable future.

The applications going to Virtual Committee on 20th August 2020 are:

191093 Land at Berechurch Hall Road, Colchester

Residential Development of 32 no. detached and semi-detached dwellings and flats complete with garages, access and open space

See the Planning Report

View the committee meeting agenda



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