Chris Blomeley - Repair, Reuse, Recycle CIC

What bike have you used? 

We have been using the Urban Arrow Tender 2500 double flat bed trike. It is a large trike with a 500W battery, perfect for carrying bikes around. 

What have you used the eCargo bike for? 

One of our projects is around supporting the delivery of bikes to NHS workers and the eCargo trike has been great for transporting the bikes around. We have also used the bike for carrying materials in for bike maintenance workshops which we run.  

Typically I would be using the bike on daily mileages of 5-20 miles which it can cope with, but carrying a spare battery is a good idea.  

The bike can carry up to 400kg, but I only make sure it is about half of this when I load up so it not too heavy. 

What benefits did you get from using the eCargo bike? 

I previously used two diesel vans to do my work, which were costing me £3000 each to run each year. The eCargo trike has provided me with a greener and much more affordable form of transport which is great, reducing my overhead costs by £3000. 

The bike has also been great for improving my fitness. The electric battery provides a useful bit of assist, especially up hills, and makes my journeys easier to complete.  

Having the bike has also been a great marketing tool, helping me to get the organisation seen and recognised by the public. 

Have you got any top tips for others who are interested in trying out an eCargo bike? 

  • Carry a spare battery for longer journeys.
  • Batteries are easy to charge through any main sockets.
  • Make use of the ability to use shortcuts like bike lanes on roads and cycle paths to make journeys shorter and avoid other traffic.

How many miles have you clocked up using the eCargo bike? 

I travelled 1069 miles between November 2020 and September 2021, saving 256 kg CO2 in the process.

Contact Details for further information:  

Chris Blomeley
Phone: 07799494797 

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