Councillor Mark Cory

What bike have you used? 

I tried out the Riese and Muller 40 on a 3 month loan. It is a nifty little bike for travelling across town and carrying small amounts. 

What have you used the eCargo bike for? 

I have used the eCargo bike for a variety of trips and jobs including: 
  • travelling to council meetings 
  • doing the shopping 
  • carrying out community tasks  
  • delivering supplies to residents 
  • bike rides, including a 20km charity ride 
The eCargo bike has been a great option for getting around quicker than a standard bike and 90% of the journeys I used the eCargo bike for I would normally have made using my car. 

What benefits did you get from using the eCargo bike? 

I had such a good time from using the eCargo bike, and it really benefitted my physical and mental wellbeing from being more active. Other benefits included: 
  • Excellent lighting provided made them great to use in low light or at night. 
  • Allowed me to do quick and easy journeys, sometimes quicker than in a car. 
  • The range on the battery was never a problem – use the battery wisely. 
  • The cargo section provided was suitable for carrying lots of items.  
  • Comfortable ride, and felt safe and sturdy.  

Have you got any top tips for others who are interested in trying out an eCargo bike? 

  • Always take two locks with you to lock the bike securely. 
  • Put the battery up to sport or turbo function to power up hills. 
  • Plan ahead to identify where you will be able to lock the bike up as they are bigger than the standard bike. 

Are there any considerations to be aware of when using the eCargo bike? 

  • Big turning circle so can be tricky to manoeuvre in tight spaces. 
  • Ensure you have got a big safe place for storing the bike.
  • Be careful using them around damaged paths or potholes, although the bike can handle them well.
  • Heavier to use than normal bike. 

How many miles have you clocked up using the eCargo bike? 

75 miles in 3 months. 

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Councillor Mark Cory

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