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Colchester eCargo bike library

Colchester eCargo bike library

Make the change to an eCargo bike

An electric cargo bike, often called an eCargo bike, is an electric delivery bike with purpose-built storage. The bikes come in different shapes and sizes to suit whatever is being transported, whether that be food, flowers, parcels or heavy goods.

They offer a sustainable, low cost and environmentally friendly way of delivering goods and services.

An electric cargo bike is an electric delivery bike with purpose-built storage.

Interested in trying one?

Colchester Borough Council have six eCargo bikes available for local businesses and organisations to try for a FREE short-term loan. Contact us using the details below for further information and advice about the bikes available.


eCargo bikes have many advantages over the use of cars and vans.
  • Green – they produce zero emissions and don’t create air pollution.
  • Versatile -they can use cycle paths, bus lanes and other routes cars and vans can’t – great for avoiding traffic.
  • Convenient – they can be parked right on your doorstep making loading and unloading easier.
  • Active - the bikes offer an active and healthy way to travel but have electric assist to help when you need it.
  • Low-cost – no petrol or diesel needed! Depending on the make, model and usage, electric cargo bikes can travel up to 50 miles (80km).
  • No-sweat – they offer electric assist up to speeds of 15.5mph (25kph) but can even go faster under your own steam.

How to arrange your trial

  • Look at our bikes and see which one would suit your needs - cargo bikes come in all shapes and sizes; we even have an eCargo trailer.
  • Work out where you would store the eCargo bike/trailer - somewhere secure and indoors.
  • You will need to complete Bikeability level 3 training. This is required for all riders and is generally really useful for anyone who cycles. Training is currently provided by Safer Essex Roads Partnership for just £10 (normal price £70). 
  •  You will also need to pay a small fee of £20 a month to cover insurance for the eCargo bike/trailer and provide evidence that you have Public Liability insurance in place to cover your activities.
  • Contact us to express your interest and discuss next steps. 

What we offer your business or organisation

  • Free short-term loan of a minimum of 1 month
  • Fully working electric cargo bike
  • Two gold rated secure bicycle locks
  • Helmet if required
  • Information and advice
  • Breakdown service
  • A low risk chance to see how an eCargo bike can help your business or organisation
Contact us at to arrange a test ride and discuss the details.

More about the Colchester eCargo bike project

The 6 eCargo bikes for loan are just part of an overall fleet of 25 electric cargo bikes and 5 electric trailers that are being used throughout the borough by council teams and local champions to carry out their business. All bikes have been purchased with funding from the Energy Saving Trust and are part of our ongoing commitment to take action on climate change.

Page last reviewed: 24 November 2020