Problems paying your Council Tax?

Council Tax: Who has to pay

You will usually be required to pay Council Tax in full if you are 18 or older and rent or own a home.  

In some circumstances, you or another adult living in your home may be entitled to a Council Tax discount or exemption, such as Local Council Tax Support.

You will not have to pay any Council Tax if everyone in your home, including you, is a full-time student

Paying your bill 

Your Council Tax payments must be made on or before the due date outlined on your bill and for the correct amounts. If your payments are not made on time or are lower than the amounts due, we will begin the recovery process. This can involve Colchester City Council taking legal action against you, a process which will incur additional costs.  

If you fall behind with your payments 

If you fall behind with your Council Tax payments, the first thing you should do is contact us. We may be able to spread your payments out over a longer time and help you avoid further costs and worry.  

Please get in touch with us immediately if you’re having difficulty paying. Once the recovery process has started, we will be unable to remove any costs incurred or set arrangements with the enforcement agents on your behalf. We will also be unable to cancel any attachment of earnings or attachment of benefits orders.  

If you are unable to pay your bill 

Please contact us on 01206 282300 or 

If you have already received a summons or further recovery action 

Please contact


Page last reviewed: 4 May 2020