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We are providing information for residents, businesses, and communities which we will review and update regularly. View the latest updates, advice and guidance.

Support and resources for our BAME Communities

General information and advice

The Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation (GMCVO) has collected coronavirus information and sources of support. These include links to audio and written translated guidance for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities.

BAME information and support

Essex County Council's advice for people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.

Essex County Council BAME advice

COVID-19 vaccination programme

This explains the vaccination programme for COVID-19. This information is available in the following languages:

Arabic (PDF, 236KB)
Bangala (PDF, 233KB)
Chinese (PDF, 247KB)
French (PDF, 310KB)
Polish (PDF, 323KB)
Punjabi (PDF, 253KB)
Romanian (PDF, 283KB)
Somali (PDF, 311KB)
Urdu (PDF, 259KB)

Wearing face coverings

In England, from 8 August you must wear a face covering by law in many indoor public places. You are expected to wear a face covering immediately before entering any of these settings and must keep it on until you leave. GOV.UK have listed of places where you must wear a face covering.

Information is available in the following languages:

Arabic (PDF, 198KB)
French (PDF, 113KB)
Kurdish (Sorani) (PDF, 217KB)
Lithuanian (PDF, 117KB)
Pashto (PDF, 202KB)
Polish (PDF, 114KB)
Portuguese (PDF, 112KB)
Romanian (PDF, 113KB)
Russian (PDF, 121KB)
Spanish (PDF, 109KB)
Tigrinya (PDF, 150KB)

Contact tracing 

This explains the process about getting in touch with people who may have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. This information is available in the following languages:

Arabic (PDF, 302KB)
French (PDF, 194KB)
Kurdish (Sorani) (PDF, 325KB)
Lithuanian (PDF, 194KB)
Pashto (PDF, 327KB)
Polish (PDF, 196KB)
Portuguese (PDF, 192KB)
Romanian (PDF, 193KB)
Russian (PDF, 207KB)
Spanish (PDF, 195KB)
Tigrinya (PDF, 30KB)

Advice for migrants

The East of England Strategic Migration Partnership (SMP) have produced COVID-19 information for migrants. This covers healthcare, settlement, visas and checks, and translated guidance on staying safe and seeking help during the outbreak.

COVID-19 information for migrants

Testing and treatment for migrants

Coronravirus testing and treatment is free of charge for all, including anyone living in the UK without permission. Translated advice and guidance for the public is available in 40 languages.

Migrant Health Guide 

Translated coronavirus advice

NHS guidance has been translated into 60 languages. This includes changes in social distancing rules and the symptom of coronavirus. 

Translated NHS coronavirus advice

These infographics give tranlated advice on coronavirus myths, preventing the spread of the virus, and school advice for parents. 

Translated coronavirus infographics

Easy Read versions of coronavirus information

Easy Read versions of coronavirus information have been created by

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