City Centre Masterplan

The Council adopted the Colchester City Centre Masterplan at the meeting of the Local Plan Committee on 15 January 2024.

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The Masterplan is about building on existing strengths and transforming our City Centre while conserving its proud heritage. The goal is greater prosperity, a better quality of life for all, and providing more choices for getting into and around the City.

The Masterplan includes many things for people who already live, work and travel through the city centre today, it is very much about creating a city centre for the future. It looks to the needs of young people today, for our children, and our children’s children.

Key aims include:

  • Helping businesses, residents, tourism and our local economy.
  • Opening up our Roman wall and heritage.
  • Connecting and making it easier to access the best our city can offer.
  •  Greening our city to enhance wildlife by effective management and joining up habitats.

The Masterplan explores:

  • Our heritage – How we make the most of it, enhancing it and look after it.
  • The diverse offer – Making sure we have the best of everything and by doing so encouraging visitors and businesses, day and night.
  • The buildings and infrastructure – Having a great mix of wonderful places and spaces to encourage our economy to thrive.
  • Being accessible, Healthy and Safe – Inviting, safe and well-connected public spaces with more transport choices.
  • Being more sustainable – Doing our bit for the planet! A modern city, green & pollution free.

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Page last reviewed: 5 January 2024


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