City status bid 2021

As part of the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Colchester is applying for city status. 

The deadline to apply is 8 December 2021.

An important past, a confident present and a bold future

Colchester’s history may have shaped its streets and its skyline, but we haven’t let ourselves be shackled by it – it gives us belief in our past and confidence in our future. From Britain’s first city and throughout 2000 years of trade, innovation and creativity, our heritage provides a firm foundation for a future with city status once more. It’s the confidence of people moving their families here; living and working in East Anglia’s leading cultural and creative centre.

We have secured the confidence of organisations and businesses investing in our place, and the pride of our rapidly growing, diverse people and communities, connecting and working in partnership. Colchester is right to be ambitious and we have the digital connectivity in place to take us to the next level. Businesses and residents feel ready to reimagine themselves, ready to realise our shared future potential, building on a historic past.

As Britain’s newest city, we’ll be proud to be seen as a community in which we relish the things we have in common and celebrate our differences, ready to realise our collective potential.

Page last reviewed: 7 October 2021


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