Making it easier for you to work with us

A new online platform is being introduced across the council to create a better, more convenient way for residents, businesses, and visitors to interact with our services.

The new system, known as ‘Assure’, enables people to self-serve, apply or report issues around public protection services on our website at their convenience. This in turn helps us improve our delivery to customers while reducing costs to the council.

The roll out of being able to access online public protection services is being phased in across key areas, with our Environmental Protection team adopting Assure in October last year. Our Food Safety and Health and Safety teams followed in January 2021, with licensing about to go live in the near future.

Alongside the implementation of these innovative and modern online services, the council will continue to support anyone who needs further assistance in accessing services with our telephony service and digital access points across the city.

Page last reviewed: 26 February 2021


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