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Neat Street Campaign

Colchester is nationally renowned for its rich heritage and attracts thousands of visitors a year to its town centre.

To keep the town centre an attractive, inviting and thriving area, Colchester Borough Council is committed to keeping its appearance clean and litter free, as part of our campaign for a Better Colchester.

To help achieve this objective, in March 2019, we (along with the Our Colchester Business Improvement District) will be launching a far-reaching street cleanliness campaign called Neat Street. Neat Street has been designed to combat all types of litter, street cleaning and maintenance issues, with a focus on the town’s pedestrian and shop front areas.

We’re gaining support and inviting all businesses to get on board by simply signing up to become a Neat Street partner.

Read more about the Neat Street Campaign

Sign up to become a Neat Street Partner

Page last reviewed: 27 February 2020


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