Gum Litter Blows

Gumdrop Campaign

Gum Litter Blows...So Bin It

Love gum? Love Colchester? You can do your bit to end unsightly gum litter on Colchester's streets by putting your gum into one of our new bright pink Gumdrop bins.

Did you know, when full, the bins are taken away and made into new bins and other items? Clever, eh?

The bins are easy to spot and located around the town centre, so there's no excuse to spit your gum onto the street.

Get Your Free Gumdrop On-the-go keyring

You can also pick up your free Gumdrop On-the-go keyring at one of the following locations:

  • Firstsite
  • Town Hall
  • Visitor Information Centre (Hollytrees Museum)
  • Leisure World Colchester
  • Colchester Town Centre Library

Simply put your gum into the keyring. When your keyring becomes full, return it to one of the locations above and pick up a new one. The used keyrings are sent away and are recycled to make new keyrings. Good, eh?

So, please do your bit. There's no need to spit your gum onto the ground when there are special bins to use and free keyrings to combat the problem of gum litter.

Watch our Gum Litter Blows campaign video. Turn the volume up!

Page last reviewed: 27 February 2020


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