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Colchester City Council is providing support for residents facing the cost of living crisis.

Updating Colchester

Find out about the different projects going on around Colchester to improve our borough.

St Nicholas Square

Plan of the updates to St Nicholas Square in Colchester
We’re proud to be transforming St Nicholas’ Square into a vibrant public space for the people of Colchester.

The project will create a  new public realm for visitors and residents to enjoy,  offering more opportunities to meet up and enjoy the town centre,  planting a range of trees and installing public benches.   

This will offer a place for people to get together outdoors with potential terrace style dining spaces. The space offers plenty of opportunities for the future, with the possibility of open-air markets and cultural events, as well as an open place in the heart of the town centre, for people to stop and enjoy the fresh air. The project sees this important part of the town being made safer and more accessible for everyone. 

Page last reviewed: 1 December 2021


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