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Partnerships and community action for sustainability

We all need to work together to reduce our impact on the environment. See how we are partnering with organisations and supporting communities in the borough to do this. Also check out the website of Eco Colchester, a community group based in Colchester offering help and advice around protecting the environment.

Organisations we work with

The Council works with a variety of organisations and communities to collaborate and promote protection of the environment.

One of our key partners is the University of Essex who help to ensure our work on tackling climate change and environmental issues is informed by expert research. Projects including the Council’s Clean Air for Colchester project and the ‘Go Green Schools’ project, a pilot initiative helping schools to reduce their environmental impact and increase environmental awareness of staff and pupils, have involved researchers from the University of Essex.

There are also lots of community organisations in the borough doing their bit to protect the environment, and the Council is keen to support these.

  • We work with Together we Grow, a not-for-profit enterprise that works with local groups including schools and refugee groups to learn about land, food, and nature. Together we Grow support us with the Woodland and Biodiversity Project, helping with tree planting.
  • The Council and Walk Colchester worked together to create the Colchester Orbital, a collaborative project between the community and the Council. The Colchester Orbital is a 14–15-mile circular walking and cycling route around the edge of the town, taking advantage of, and connecting some of its loveliest green spaces and off-road pathway networks.
  • We work with Town and Parish Councils to help them reduce their emissions and environmental impact. A good place to start for Towns and Parishes is by using the Impact tool. It is a website and tool that provides information on carbon footprints of local communities and gives lots of information and links about ways to reduce emissions and environmental impacts.
  • The Council has an Environment and Sustainability Panel, where individuals or organisations can come and have their say on the Council’s work to tackle the climate emergency. We encourage all those that are interested in protecting the environment and have ideas about how we can do more to tackle climate change and other environmental issues, to come along and have your say.
  • On many projects, we also work closely with Essex County Council. To find out more about what they are doing to tackle climate change, you can sign up to their email newsletter.

Page last reviewed: 9 July 2021