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Changing the way we work to achieve our climate commitment

Considering the environmental impact of the Council’s work has become key within the organisation’s values. Find out more about how this is changing how we work.

We recognise the importance of assessing the climate and environmental impacts of our operations. There are several ways we are doing this which are detailed below.

  • All Council reports going to a committee or a panel now have to state the ‘environmental and sustainability implications’ of the decision or action. This encourages staff to give greater thought as to how the decision or action will affect upon the environment.
  • Additionally, many Council projects must complete an environmental assessment to show how they will be contributing to reducing carbon emissions and/or producing a positive environmental impact and how any negative impacts will be mitigated and minimised. The assessment acts both as an environmental awareness and education tool for staff to learn about environmental impacts of different actions.
  • We are currently reviewing a learning and development package for staff to increase their environmental awareness. This will help staff to assess the environmental impacts of their actions both at work and at home, contributing to the organisation becoming more environmentally friendly.
  • Staff are encouraged to travel to work using sustainable modes of travel, through discounts, advice and incentives promoted through the Council’s staff Travel Plan. We support our staff to work from home where appropriate, to help staff wellbeing and reduce emissions associated with staff commuting.

Page last reviewed: 9 July 2021