Cost of living support

Colchester Borough Council is providing support for residents facing the cost of living crisis.

Council Tax Rebate

Find information on the Council Tax rebate schemes in Colchester, including how payments will be made and the timescales for receiving them.

UPDATE: We have now changed the Discretionary Council Tax Rebate Scheme so that residents in properties bands A-D can apply for a second payment if they can show financial hardship.

All eligible direct debit payers have now been paid, unless there is a discrepancy on the account.

If you pay by direct debit and have not yet received your payment, you must email

If you do not pay by direct debit, are in a property band A-D and have not yet received your payment or completed the form providing bank details, you must do this now.

This form can also be used to apply for a discretionary payment. We are working through all other payments as quickly as possible.

The Government requires verification checks which are failing on many accounts, this means we have to check each one manually. There are thousands of accounts to work through, we would appreciate your patience while this work is complete.

Who is eligible for the Council Tax Rebate?

Under the main scheme you will be eligible if:
  • you are liable to pay Council Tax in a property with a Council Tax band A-D or a band E with a Disabled Band Reduction to D
  • you are resident in the property on 01 April 2022
  • the property is your sole or main residence

The following households will also qualify if they fulfil these criteria:

  • Those in receipt of full Council Tax Support.
  • Dependent relatives who reside in an annexe (exemption class W).
  • Full time students resident in private accommodation (exemption class N).
  • People who have a severe mental impairment (exemption class U).

The following properties do not qualify for the rebate:

  • Unoccupied properties and second homes.
  • Properties designated as a House in Multiple Occupation for Council Tax purposes.
  • Properties where the liable payer is a business/corporate body.

Who is eligible for the discretionary Council Tax Rebate?

  • You are liable to pay Council Tax in a property.
  • You occupied the property on 01 April 2022.
  • You are in receipt of Local Council Tax Support or suffering from financial hardship.
  • You do not have capital over £6,000.

Contacting the Council

The Council Tax Team are extremely busy, we apologise for any delays in call times and email responses.

Page last reviewed: 4 February 2022


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