Cost of living support

Colchester Borough Council is providing support for residents facing the cost of living crisis. 

Council Tax bands A-D or band E with a Disabled Reduction to D

If you pay Council Tax by Direct Debit 

Payments of £150 will be made directly into the bank account on live Council Tax direct debit accounts where possible. This will only be processed where the direct debit bank account details match the name of a liable person on the Council Tax account.  

Payments will start in May, after the first direct debit for Council tax has been taken. This is so that we are able to verify that the details are all correct. Due to the number of payments, this will take some time to process and could continue up to September.  We will aim to pay you as quickly as possible and hope to complete payments to Direct Debit payers by June 2022.   

If someone else pays your Council Tax by direct debit

If you are liable but a third party pays your Council Tax, please email the Council Tax Team via Please be aware that we are expecting a lot of emails so it will take some time for us to contact you.  

If you don’t pay by Direct Debit or have an exemption on your Council Tax account      

In order to receive a payment to your bank account, or as a credit on your Council Tax Account, you will need to complete a form. 

We are expecting up to 20,000 households to complete the form, which will take time to work through. We will process your payment as quickly as possible.  Be assured that your bank details will be used solely for the purpose of issuing the £150 rebate.  

Complete the Council Tax Rebate form

Page last reviewed: 1 April 2022


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