Cost of living support for businesses

Financial support from businesses and organisations

  • Backing Essex Business provide financial support and advice for businesses based in North Essex.
  • CBI can help your business with the rise of inflation
  • Colchester Ultra Ready can help your business with business support around finances, employment and skills, operating lawfully and more.  
  • Business Debtline provide a free debt advice service online or over the phone. 
  • Employment Allowance lets employers lower their Annual National Insurance liability. 
  • A 'Time to Pay arrangement' means you can pay back your tax in installments if you are not able to pay your tax in full. 

Beware of scams 

Organisations that can help your business save energy

Tips to save energy and water

  • Carry out an energy audit of your business to identify opportunities to save energy. The Carbon Trust have a useful checklist of questions to help guide you through an energy audit.
  • Replace existing lighting with LED.
  • Ensure equipment is not left on standby (unless required to be kept running in the background).
  • Install water flow restrictor devices on taps, waterless urinals, sensor based taps. Waterwise have further information to help your business save water.
  • Install motion sensor lighting or ensure lighting is only focussed on required areas. For example, use lamps to light smaller areas rather than a whole room.
  • Purchase energy efficient ICT equipment with an Energy Star label.
  • Install double/triple glazing and insulate roofs and walls.
  • Keep doors shut where possible, and install draught excluders to reduce heat loss.
  • Install smart meters to pay for what you use and give you accurate bills. Smart Energy GB has information on how you can request a smart meter for your business.

Recruitment and training opportunities

  • Essex Opportunities provides information on careers, jobs, apprentiships, skills and training. 
  • Advertise a job using the ‘Find a job’ service which has replaced Universal Jobmatch. 
  • ECL are helping adults with learning disabilities and autism to embark on paid employment opportunities.


Support organisations 

Page last reviewed: 3 November 2023


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