Support from Essex County Council

Essex County Council are responsible for education and school services. Below is listed the support provided by Essex County Council to help schools reduce their environmental impact.

Schools Climate Advice Pack

The Essex Climate Action Commission have produced a climate advice pack, with tips and resources for schools looking to become greener. Check it out.

Plastic Clever School Award

As part of Essex County Council’s BLUEPRINT to a circular economy project, free resources to encourage waste reduction and use of plastics have been produced. Free content is available for primary and secondary schools, including videos, lesson plans. Find more information.

School travel plan support

Essex County Council have a travel plan team who can help your school improve your school travel plan to encourage more sustainable and active modes of travel to your school. Find out more about school travel plans and the support available from Essex County Council

Travel planning and active travel

Essex County Council provide free support to help schools create a travel plan encouraging staff and students to travel to school in more environmentally friendly ways, such as walking, cycling or taking public transport.

Find more information about the support available.

Page last reviewed: 4 March 2022