Our city deserves the very best our Council can deliver.

Together with our partners we must respond to the challenges of our times whilst focussing on what matters most to the people of Colchester. To recognise the distinctive qualities of our rural and city life, our many communities and identities and our culture and heritage.

Our new Three-Year Plan continues to provide a framework, sense of direction and the key outcomes we will address, deliver or influence in the coming years.

Central to all we do will be the discipline and professionalism we can apply, with our partners. To ensure in the most challenging times for our country, as well as our city, that our finances are managed well, that we do all we can with and through others. That our sense of optimism, and ambition show in all we do, to make life better. As Councillors, officers and full Council, for all those that live, and work or visit the great City of Colchester.

Our Three-Year Plan will shape what we do and the outcomes we seek to achieve, mindful of the challenges we face in post Covid-19 world within a cost-of-living crisis.

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