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Private Sector Housing Privacy Policy

This privacy notice provides information on how we process your personal information with regards to Disabled Facilities Grants, Home Repair Loans and other forms of financial assistance, applications relating to licensing of Houses of Multiple Occupation and for the Student Accommodation Accreditation Scheme, Immigration Inspections and paid advisory services for landlords. Disabled Facilities Grants

Information collected

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Tenure of property
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • National insurance number
  • Proof of residency – utility bill
  • Land Registry searches
  • Recommendations from Essex County Council Occupational Therapy team – including nature of disability, date of birth and works required for their disability
  • Referrals from other health professionals, for example, the Hospital Discharge Hub
  • Proof of ownership – copy of deeds or signed statement from solicitor
  • Power of attorney documents if appropriate or documents from Essex Guardians
  • Applications for planning permission and Building control permission
  • Grant application form
  • Financial info – including: Proof of receipt of any benefits – information provided by the client from DWP and CBC and information gained directly from DWP and CBC Benefits.
  • Bank and building society statements – 3 months min
  • Proof of stocks/shares/savings
  • Proof of occupational/private pensions – statements

Agencies we might share your information with

• Occupational Therapy and Adult Social Care at Essex County Council
• External agency providing surveying services
• Contractors from our approved contractors list – client’s name, address and contact details are shared with contractors
• C360
• Charities/support agencies
• Services contracted by ECC or CBC to provide support services such as Handy Person services
• Other Health professionals

Purpose for processing

The Council has a requirement to process the above information in order to provide Disabled Facilities Grants and other forms of financial assistance under the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 and Regulations issued under this. Also, to provide further support services to vulnerable residents. We only request the minimum amount of information and ensure that is it stored securely.

Length of time we keep your information

We retain information relating to Disabled Facilities Grants for a minimum of 7 years or for the life of any conditions attached to the assistance - which may be for up to ten years after the completion ofworks. If you believe we are holding inaccurate information on your file you do have the right to contact us and ask for your information to be amended or removed where there is no obligation or statutory requirement for it to be kept. You can exercise this right by contacting

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