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Air Quality Behaviour Change Project Privacy Policy

Why is this survey taking place?

The projects outcomes include: gauging current understanding of air quality, key concerns, impacts,
willingness to change behaviour, barriers to behaviour change, what messaging would help raise awareness of air quality. Results will be used to develop a marketing strategy, campaign and materials. The aim of this project is to create behaviour change to have a positive impact, increasing the air quality in Colchester, particularly within the Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA’s). For more information on AQMA’s and air quality in Colchester please visit https://www.colchester.gov.uk/info/cbc-article/?catid=pollution&id=KA-01912.

How will my postcode be used?

The data you have provided in this survey will be used towards the project named above. All results of the survey, if published, will be anonymous, and no personally identifiable information will be published (I.e. Name, email address, postcode). All personally identifiable information will be confidential and held in compliance with all data protection legislation. The postcode will be used to identify the distribution of the respondents of this survey and therefore will be mapped. A postcode will not allow CBC or DEFRA to identify the exact location or address of any respondents. The postcode’s collected will only identify a group of addresses or houses in a location.

Who we might share your information with

The information and answers you have given will be used as part of an Air Quality Behaviour Change Project by Colchester Borough Council (CBC), funded By the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). As part of the project, the results may be shared with DEFRA and a report will be published containing the results of this survey. All data will be processed and held securely in compliance with all CBC guidance and data protection legislation. The project, and this survey will collect information relating to motivations of and current behaviours of participants. The data will be retained by CBC until the project completion, thereafter it will be destroyed. The project completion date is 31st of May 2021. For more information about how CBC processes your information please
visit https://www.colchester.gov.uk/privacy/.

Can I withdraw my survey response?

You have the right to withdraw your responses from this study at any time up until the 22nd of January 2020, after which data analysis would have taken place and therefore any survey responses given will not be able to be removed. Personal information (i.e. your name, email address and postcode) can be removed at any time. Your participation in this survey is voluntary. CBC is only able to withdraw your responses from the study if you have provided information including your name and email address. You do not have to give a reason to withdraw your response. If you wish to remove your survey response please email info@colchester.gov.uk

How will you use my email address?

All information including names and email addresses given by respondents will be used for the purposes of this project and held in compliance with data protection legislation. By completing the questionnaire you give consent for the information provided to be processed by CBC and DEFRA; and to be contacted by the CBC Air Quality Behaviour Change Project Team; and will be added to the Air Quality Behaviour Change Project mailing list. If you would like to opt out of the project mailing list, please reply to any update emails stating that you would like to be removed from the email list, or alternatively, email the one of contact email addresses provided within this statement. If you have any questions or would like further information about the project or would like a copy of the results of the survey please contact: cleanair@colchester.gov.uk.

Updates to this privacy notice

We will continually review and update this privacy notice to reflect changes in our processes and procedures, as well as to comply with changes in the law. When such changes occur, we will revise the "last updated" date at the bottom of this notice. We encourage you to periodically review this notice and to be informed of how we protecting your information.

Page last reviewed: 10 October 2019


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