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Road closures

How to apply for a road closure

Thinking of holding your own march, procession or parade? Applying for a road closure is easy, here's how:

1. Check with the Police whether the area you have chosen for your event is suitable. We will do this anyway through our consultation process but it would be best for you to discuss your plans with the Police first.

Contact Colchester's Community Policing team

2. Print and complete these forms:

3. Email them to

If you have any questions you can call us on 01206 282700.

4. We will consider your application, consult Essex County Council and Essex Police and then tell you the outcome.

5. If your application is approved, you will then have to inform all residents and businesses that may be affected by your event.

6. There may be charges for a road closure, ranging from £50 to £2000.

7. As well as applying to us, you may also be required to hold Public Liability Insurance and a Performing Rights Society Music Licence.

Page last reviewed: 26 October 2020