Expression of Interest invitation for Paprika House

Brief for organisations wishing to submit an Expression of Interest

The Community Room, Paprika House Apprentice Drive, Colchester CO4 5SE

The purpose of this process is to identify community or health-based organisations or management groups, who wish to take on a lease of The Community Room, Paprika House.

Organisation/management group specification

  • Organisations interested in leasing the property for community or health use are asked to submit an Expression of Interest.
  • This opportunity is open to voluntary, community, social enterprise organisations and charities which are suitably qualified and meet the criteria set out in this brief.
  • The tenant should also have:
    • Experience of successfully managing a building. 
    • Experience and expertise of financial planning and control

The Expression of Interest must include: 

  1. Completed Expression of Interest Questionnaire online and; 
  2. Business Plan or other documents to support the funding/costs of the building (to be submitted at the same time as the questionnaire)
The Expression of Interest Questionnaire needs to be answered in full, referring to the information supplied in this brief. 

The expression must show evidence that the financial obligations mentioned below can be met. 

By seeking expressions of interest from organisations and partnerships, the Council is not obliged to accept the best or any offer. 

Page last reviewed: 14 November 2023