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Car share film transcript

Sounds of gym with weights clattering and talking.

‘Now our story starts in a gym with our hero Bald Baz and his mate Frankie Two-Toes.’

‘Nobody knows why they’re called this, Baz has a big head of hair and Frankie has all his toes.’

‘Now the boys are arguing because Baz has no money and Frankie say he should leave his motor at home and save some of the hard earned.’

‘But Baz loves his motor and bets Frankie he can come up with an idea to save some dosh but keep using his motor’

‘Next morning and our boy is stuck in the heavy morning traffic on his way to work. He’s not happy! But then he spies Perfect Purdy in the car behind.’

‘Now Purdy has been on our hero’s radar for a while. She lives in Baz’s street and now it looks like she is at the grindstone near Baz!’

‘Well would you Adam and Eve it!? Purdy pulls up in the next car park over to Baz’s at the Colchester Business Park.’

‘That weekend, when our hero is buffing his pride and joy he spies the Perfect Purdy doing likewise’

‘Now our boy has a plan! Off he goes to see Purdy with his cunning ploy’

‘After an introduction and a bit of a chat he hits her with his idea… lets share the journey to work, one week on one week off?’

‘Well now our Purdy is a sensible girl and will agree to nothing with out a bit of thinking time. But after a chat with her mum, who happens to know Baz’s mother and asking the advice of her bezzy mater, she agrees to Baz’s plan.’

‘Now the first morning comes and the pair are a bit nervous, but they soon discover they like the same music and share a few friends that they didn’t know and the journey to work is over too soon.’

‘The weeks pass by and although our hero doesn’t like sitting in a girlie car every other week, he soon overcomes this when his friends see him with the Perfect Purdy and he thinks about all that lovely lolly he’s’ saving! In fact they both look forward to their journey to work.’
‘Back in the gym and Frankie two toes is after his winnings, but Baz is giving him the good news that he’s saving half of his fuel bill and he’s got a new friend as well. Actually our hero is thinking about asking Purdy out for a drink.’

‘In fact why don’t more people carshare?’

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