Tendring / Colchester Borders Garden Community

The Tendring Colchester Borders Garden Community addresses the long-term need for new housing in our area, in a strategic way. The Garden Community was included in the shared Section 1 Local Plans for Tendring District Council and Colchester City Council adopted by the Councils in 2021. The shared Section 1 required a further Plan (Development Plan Document) to be prepared by the Councils to set out additional planning policies for the site, include identifying where certain land uses are being proposed.

The Councils have now prepared the Tendring Colchester Borders Garden Community Development Plan Document (DPD). This has been informed by a wide range of evidence base documents and been subject to two formal periods of consultation.

The DPD along with other publication and submission documents was submitted to the Secretary of State for independent 'Examination in Public' by a Planning Inspector on the 21st September 2023.

View The DPD: TCBGC Development Plan Document Submission Version.
Notice of Submission: TCBGC DPD Notice of Submission

Examination Website

An Examination Website has been set up which can be accessed here: TCBGC Examination Website

The examination website is the principal means by which all the documents for the examination are made available to participants and the public. Latest news related to the Examination process and timetable will be published on the 'Latest news' page. All the relevant documents can be found on the ‘Examination Library’ page.

The Inspector

Inspector G Wyatt BA (Hons) MRTPI has been confirmed as the appointed Inspector.

Programme Officer

Ms Andrea Copsey has been appointed as the Programme Officer by the Councils. Andrea is impartial and will work under the direction of the appointed Inspector. She will coordinate all communication between the parties to the Examination and the Inspector. Andrea will organise and manage the administrative side of the examination.

She is the point of contact for any questions about the examination, and all correspondence with the Inspector should be addressed through her. Her contact details are:

The Hearings

The hearing sessions (which are part of the overall Examination) are scheduled to take place between Tuesday 7 May and Friday 10 May 2024.  An initial programme for the hearings can be viewed in the Matters Issues & Questions (MIQs) and Draft Hearings Programme.  A final version of the programme will be published around two weeks prior to the start of the hearings.
Hearings commence at 1:00pm on 7 May 2024.
Venue: Colchester Football Ground, JobServe Community Stadium, United Way, Colchester, Essex CO4 5UP.

Where the documents can be viewed

Copies of the submission documents will be made available to view at Colchester Town Hall and Clacton Town Hall. These documents can also be viewed on the TCBGC Examination Website.

Page last reviewed: 12 May 2023


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