Evidence base and supporting documents

Set out below are a range of documents that form the evidence base behind the Colchester Local Plan Review. This page will be updated throughout the plan making process.
Document/Study Overview Date
Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA) Methodology (PDF,489KB ) A Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA) is an essential part of producing a Local Plan.

The SLAA appraises sites for their suitability, availability and achievability, with the aim of objectively determining which sites are deliverable over the Plan Period.
December 2023
Playing Pitch and Outdoor Sports Strategy - Assessment Report (PDF,4222KB ) This report presents a supply and demand assessment of playing pitch and other outdoor sports in accordance with Sport England’s PPOSS Guidance. March 2023
Playing Pitch and Outdoor Sport Strategy – Strategy & Action Plan (PDF,1887KB) This report provides a strategic framework for the maintenance and improvement of existing playing pitch and accompanying ancillary facilities up to 2033. June 2023
Open Space Report (PDF,2185KB ) This document provides detail regarding what open space provision exists in the area, its condition, distribution and overall quality and will help inform direction on the future provision. April 2023
Indoor and Built Sports Facilities - Needs Assessment (PDF,5056KB ) This report provides detail as to what indoor and built sports facilities exists in the Authority, its condition, location, availability, and overall quality. January 2023
Indoor and Built Sports Facilities - Final Strategy (PDF,1150KB ) The Strategy provides a comprehensive assessment of the current level of indoor and built sports facilities available and future supply and demand needs for facility provision over the next 10 years. January 2023
Call for Site Report (PDF, 8704KB) This report lists the sites that were submitted in the call for sites consultation, it explains the process and the next steps. February 2024

Page last reviewed: 21 December 2023


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