‘Safe Space’ launched at Colchester Sports Park to provide support and advice

PUBLISHED: 5 December 2023

A new Safe Space has launched at Colchester Sports Park, offering a haven for individuals feeling sexually harassed, or those seeking support related to other vulnerabilities.

The new Safe Space will be accessible to individuals encountering various challenges, not limited to cases of domestic violence. The initiative recognises that any vulnerability could prompt someone to seek assistance, whether related to concerns about specific individuals or discomfort in reporting to the police for perceived less severe issues.

Staff at Colchester Sports Park have been trained to understand how to provide an effective response to a disclosure of sexual violence and domestic abuse.

The Safe Space is not intended for severe domestic abuse cases. In situations requiring immediate police intervention, victims are urged to contact the police. The initiative focuses on creating a space for individuals facing lower-level issues, where they can receive guidance without the immediate involvement of law enforcement.

The launch of the safe space aligns with a broader mission to restore confidence in reporting incidents and to foster a community that actively addresses the concerns of its members.

Councillor Natalie Sommers, Portfolio Holder for Communities, said: “We are pleased to launch the first safe space of its kind in Colchester. This initiative signifies our dedication to creating a supportive environment where individuals can seek guidance and assistance on matters of personal safety. It is an essential step towards building a safer and more resilient community.”

Helen Parr, CEO at CARA (Centre for Action on Rape and Abuse), said: “The introduction of this safe space is an extremely positive step for Colchester, and for anyone who has experienced, or feels at risk of sexual harassment, sexual violence or abuse.  We welcome this initiative and hope that it will enable Colchester residents who are concerned about their personal safety to access the support they need.”

Colchester Sports Park, located at Cuckoo Farm Way, Colchester, CO4 5YX, is open from 6am until 10pm on Monday to Friday, and from 8am until 8pm during the weekend.

Page last reviewed: 5 December 2023


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