Landscape Guidance, Consultancy, Public Open Space Adoption and Other Site Inspections

When creating landscape projects for large development sites our guidelines should be followed and we may request developers to contribute towards it.


  • What is Landscape Planning Guidance
  • What is included within the Council's Landscape Consultancy Service
  • What is the process for Public Open Space adoption
  • What is the process for requesting a Public Open Space Completion Certificate, and how much does it cost

Developments that require planning permission are enhanced by the inclusion of landscape works, which are an important factor within their design.

Landscape Guidance

When landscape projects are required, they need to be well thought of and of a high quality. Relevant independent professional advice should be taken.

Our guidelines should be followed when drawing up landscape proposals for development sites at either the application stage or when required under a condition.

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Landscape Guidelines


  • Any landscape proposals with Ash Trees need to comply with the national guidance on Ash Dieback Disease issued under the Landscape Institute
  • Any Solar Farm proposals should take account of all current guidance/best practice on designing Solar Parks

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Once the landscape proposal has been drawn up, copies should be sent to our Planning Officer under "Discharge (Approval) of Conditions".

Landscape Consultancy Service

The Council offer a landscape Consultancy Service aimed principally at developers in relation to pre-application advice on:

  • Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment or Landscape and Visual Appraisal, principally viewpoint and visualisation type agreement.
  • The Hedgerows Regulations 1997, principally on-site hedgerow assessment and classification.

View our fees for this service.

Public Open Space Adoption

View the process and fees for Public Open Space adoption by the Council.

When it has been decided that open space is not appropriate, or it is acceptable for there to be less open space, we may request developers to contribute financially to meet these needs outside of the development.

These contributions go towards the cost of buying or converting land, maintenance fees or improving facilities.

Read our Adoption Process

Public Open Space Completion Certificate

Where a section 106 Agreement requires a Completion Certificate for the Public Open Space be submitted to the Council the developer should submit the following detail to the Council's Landscape Officer to trigger the process, this once the site is laid out and before any trigger within the 106 Agreement has been reached:

  • A request to inspect and agreement to the Council's inspection fee
  • The planning application number for the site
  • The condition discharge application number that the landscape scheme was agreed and discharged under
  • A plan showing the calculated areas of the open space for inspection in square meters (giving the total for all areas individually and combined)
  • Confirmation from the developers landscape consultant that they've inspected the open space and the site has been laid out and maintained in accordance with the agreed landscape scheme (note: no inspection can take place without this professional confirmation of compliance)

View our fees for this service.

Fees for Landscape Consultancy, Public Open Space Adoption and other Inspection

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