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Litter Warriors

Join local residents from all over the Borough who are committed to pick litter in their local communities on a regular basis.


  • What the Litter Warriors do
  • What the requirements are
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Warriors come in all different forms. Instead of wielding swords and swanning around in chainmail (even though we wish that this could also be a reality), you could join other residents in donning your warm boots and raising your litter picker to take up the mantle of protecting the Borough from the nemesis that is rubbish on our streets.

Thanks to our existing warriors we have been able to further preserve our environment. It is also a great way to bring families, friends and neighbours together, and to maintain pride in our local neighbourhood.

We will support you by providing you with your very own swoon-worthy Hi-Vis jackets bearing the logo 'Litter Warriors'.

We will also give you all the necessary rubbish-slaying equipment. We will pick up the bags once you're done.

Litter warriors can be individuals or groups including family members or friends. You can pledge to do as little as 15 minutes a week or much more.

So what are you waiting for!  

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