Borough Plans an enduring and living memorial to the centenary of the Great War

Commemorating the centenary of the Great War through the planting of specimen trees


  • What we are planning to do to commemorate the Great War
  • Where the trees will be planted

The Borough Council is working with developers to commemorate the centenary of the Great War through the planting of specimen trees on new development sites. It is hoped that these trees will be a living testament to the sacrifice made by many Colchester residents in the First World War.

These special trees will be identified by a plaque and a preservation order will be placed on them to mark them out as being very special. A tree preservation order lends legal protection to trees and requires that prior consent is obtained for works to the protected tree.

The future of any tree protected by an order is more certain and the retention of these trees in the future is given extra weight in the development process.

Through out the period of the centenary, developers of sites of more than ten houses will be advised of the scheme as part of their planning decision notice. This will give developers details of how to participate in this voluntary initiative and seek their support as an integral part of their landscaping proposals for public open space within developments. This approach will encourage participation in this scheme which it is hoped will leave a legacy of living memorials to be enjoyed by future generations.

Colchester has a long established tradition of tree planting to commemorate those lost in war including The Avenue of Remembrance.  It is hoped that many of our new homes will have these commemorative trees at their heart and these will provide a daily reminder of the sacrifice made by so many in the Great War.

The first of these living memorials is to be planted by Taylor Wimpey at the historic Colchester Goojerat Garrison now known as Blenheim Park. Mersea Homes has also indicated their enthusiasm to participate in the scheme on their future development schemes.

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