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If you've served in the Armed Forces and need some help finding a school for your family, Essex Schools Admission may help you.


Armed Forces Pupil Premiums 

The National Armed Forces Covenant is working with the Department for Education to ensure the best use of the Service Pupil Premium of £300 that schools receive for each service child they have. 

The money can be spent in a number of ways such as extra inductions or assessment support for Armed Forces children. 

For further information please get in touch with your child’s school. 


School Admissions 

The Covenant recognises that frequent moves can cause problems with access to schools. 

The School Admissions Code in England and Wales has been changed to support Service families, who can apply and be allocated a place before they move into the area.  Children can be accepted mid-term, and class sizes may be increased beyond the norm to accommodate them. 

An example of this locally is that in the Colchester area (adjacent to the Garrison), there is a shared common catchment area for the most local schools. This means that those Armed Forces families living nearby applying for a place at any of those schools have priority for admission under the catchment area criterion. Similarly, as the law requires, where families are not yet resident in the area, but are able to evidence proof of posting, we treat them as living within catchment for the schools.   ​​​ 


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