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A lot of research has been done into how poor air quality is affecting our health.

Shockingly in 1 in 20 deaths in Colchester are linked to pollution.

People who are particularly vulnerable are pregnant women, babies, children, people with existing respiratory problems and elderly people. But actually it affects us all.

Pollution isn’t just a problem in big cities – there are parts of Colchester where pollution levels are above national guidelines and the cause of this pollution is vehicle emissions.

To support air quality improvements in the borough the Council has been awarded funding from DEFRA to manage a two year project.  The project focuses on encouraging walking and cycling for short journeys and getting people to switch off their engines when they are not moving.

We know from work in other parts of the country that small easy changes to driving habits, such as switching the engine off whilst stationary, can cut pollution by up to 30% - think how much cleaner Colchester’s air will be with 30% less pollution!

Want to be involved?
In Colchester, we want to make the air we breathe cleaner - but we can’t do it alone.

Help us spread the word - Do you know about pollution and its health effects? Watch this 2 minute film below and you may be surprised! From lung cancer to dementia pollution can have a huge impact on our health and we can all play a part in improving it. Share the film and tag us in #cleanaircol

Get in touch
We want to speak to as many people as we can about pollution and what we can all do to improve the air we breathe.

If you are part of a group and would like us to come along and meet with you please get in touch

Next steps
This is a community project. The feedback we receive from the survey (which closed on 15 January 2020) and from talking to local people will help us develop the next steps in the project, which is why your input is so important.

Working together?
Together let’s make Colchester’s air cleaner and healthier; whether its walking one short journey a week, cycling with the kids to school or simply switching our engines off it all makes a difference. Find out more here:

Cycle Colchester

Walk Colchester

Clean Air Colchester

Find out more

  • Find out more about how we monitor and manage pollution in Colchester.
  • Sign up to Air Text – a free service that sends local air quality updates by SMS text message. The service is particularly helpful for people with respiratory and heart conditions.
  • Bust those myths around keeping your engine running when you are not moving.
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