Air quality in Colchester

How we monitor air quality in Colchester


  • Monitoring and Managing
  • No Motor Vehicle Idling Policy
  • AirText

Monitoring and Managing

We are responsible for monitoring and managing air quality in Colchester and we have over 65 testing sites throughout the borough.

We regularly test the levels of pollution in the air, and produce Annual Status Reports of our findings.

In Colchester we have three areas where the pollution levels are higher than we would like them to be, they are referred to as Air Quality Management Areas. To ensure we reduce air pollution we have in place an Air Quality Action Plan which states what actions the Council is going to take to improve air quality particularly in our Air Quality Management Areas.

DEFRA Air Quality Project

We have been awarded funding from DEFRA for a two year behaviour change project to tackle levels of pollution in the borough. Through the project we will be working in partnership with residents, schools and community groups to raise awareness of air quality issues and encourage people to take action.

You can find out more about the project, watch our short film about pollution in Colchester and take part in our survey here. Get involved and be part of the change #cleanaircol

No Motor Vehicle Idling Policy?

Colchester Borough Council has introduced a No Motor Vehicle Idling Policy to reduce the impact of its operations and services on the local environment and air quality.
CBC staff driving fleet vehicles or using their own vehicles for business travel will be switching off their engines when stationary while out conducting CBC business. You can view the Council's Motor Idling Policy here and further information about Motor Idling Myth Busters can be viewed here.


The airTEXT service provides information about air quality, including a pollution map with three-day forecasts about:

  • Overall air quality
  • Pollen count
  • UV levels
  • Air temperature

If you suffer from a lung or heart condition, you could benefit from airTEXT alerts.

You can choose to receive text messages, email and voicemail alerts to help make minor adjustments when planning your day.

You can also download an airTEXT app to your smartphone.