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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Colchester Borough Council is monitoring the situation closely and will continue to take action to minimise disruption and keep residents and visitors safe. 

Coronavirus: updates, advice and guidance

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FAQ's and Reporting a fault

More information on playgrounds and how to report a fault


  • Find out about the nearest play area
  • How do I report a fault?

The importance of play in the lives of children, young people and their families has been recognised through a variety of studies. Appropriate play provision allows children to let off steam, build social relationships and challenge their own boundaries in a constructive way. Play is essential for children's healthy development and for community cohesion. To develop their competence and self confidence when becoming young people, children need the ability to meet up with friends, visit the local park or swimming pool or shops under their own steam. Being able to have fun in public spaces and participate in cultural life is one of the hallmarks of a vibrant community.

Although we recognise it when we see it, play is difficult to define and it is important to recognise the diversity, complexity and richness of children's play.

Where do I find out about the nearest play area to where I live?

 Click here to find your nearest playground or contact us on (01206) 282266 or email

I would like to see a play area in the area where I live. 

We seek to provide play areas within a 400m distance of Colchester residents. Whilst this is sometimes challenging in more rural areas we aim to deliver this provision in the residential areas of the town. We support the need and benefit to be derived from play areas but also recognise that play areas need to be located in suitable areas where children can enjoy play in a safe environment. Whilst many residents appreciate the advantages of play sites many change their views if play areas are located too close to their properties. When considering introducing play sites in residential locations we will seek the views of residents so that type and location can be agreed and possible sources of funding.

How do I report a fault? 

 All CBC play areas have a sign board with the name of the play area. If you cannot see the sign board at the entrance gate of the play area there is a strong possibility that the play area is not managed by Colchester Borough Council. Please give as much detail regarding the fault that you have observed. If there is no location sign present please provide a nearby house address so we can confirm the location. Faults may include broken equipment, excess litter, damaged surfacing. Play sites do experience general wear and tear but unfortunately some people choose to vandalise equipment, making them unusable for children. We will endeavour to make the equipment safe as soon as possible and within 24 hrs of a report. If the fault cannot be repaired the equipment will be isolated to keep users safe.

If you need to report any vandalism, fault or misuse please contact us on (01206) 282266. Or email

There is too much noise coming from the play area. What can I do?

Play areas will attract use and will generate noise by children enjoying the facility. We will not respond to reports of noise from children playing in the playgrounds.

How often are play areas inspected?

The Council has dedicated Playground Inspectors who inspect every Council Playground in a ten day cycle. The equipment is inspected, cleaned and maintained.  We will also respond to any reported damage or problems as soon as possible and have call out arrangements in the case of emergencies.