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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Colchester Borough Council is monitoring the situation closely and will continue to take action to minimise disruption and keep residents and visitors safe. 

Coronavirus: updates, advice and guidance

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Colchester Borough Council manages 67 playgrounds. There are additional playgrounds are provided by Parish and Town Councils, and the Ministry of Defence.


  • List of playgrounds by ward

Play is a very important part of children's development. Learning to cooperate and play with others, using imagination and experiencing excitement and challenges help young people in their preparation for school and adult life.

Our playgrounds have a wide variety of equipment offering many interesting play possibilities to local children and young visitors. 

  • Larger playgrounds (for children up to 15 years) offer more elaborate equipment which is set out separately to appeal to different age groups. There is often a tarmac area with goal and basketball net and a Youth Shelter. A few also have multi activity areas with items such as climbing walls.
  • Smaller Community playgrounds (for children up to 12 years) are often located in housing estates, offering simple equipment specifically designed for children under the age of 12.
  • Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA'S) are fenced, hard surfaced court areas for football and basket ball and have floodlighting to allow play until 10pm.
  • Inclusive - wheelchair accessible playgrounds: Many of our playgrounds offer play for youngsters with disabilities. Some sites have level rubber surfacing to assist with wheelchair access. There are brightly coloured decorative play panels with 'feely' patterns to assist those with visual difficulties and all of our sites offer the opportunity for children of all abilities to play together. Entrance gates are painted in bright colours to aid and guide visitors and we provide seating for the use of carers and supervising adults. Our newer playgrounds offer the best facilities these are all highlighted in red.

List of playgrounds by ward. Clicking on the name of the playground will help you 'Find it on the map'.

 Up to 15 yrsUnder 12 yrsYouth ShelterBasketballGoals
Cherry TreeX    
Finchingfield Way X   
Gurdon Road X   
John Mace RoadX XXX
Queensland Drive   X 
School RoadX XXX
Balkerne Heights X   
Castle ParkXX   
East Bay X   
Kings Meadow X   
 Up to 15 yrsUnder 12 yrsYouth ShelterBasketballGoals
Rural North
Parsons Field X   
Old Heath & The Hythe
Stephen Cranfield Close X   
Albany Gardens X   
Horrocks CloseX    
Speedwell RoadX  XX
 Up to 15 yrsUnder 12 yrsYouth ShelterBasketballGoals
Elizabeth Close X   
Gavin WayX  XX
Northfield Gardens X   
Sioux Close X   
Marks Tey & Layer
Ley FieldX    
 Up to 15 yrsUnder 12 yrsYouth ShelterBasketballGoals
Mile End
Bergholt RoadX  XX
Bradford Drive X   
High Woods Country Park X   
Mile End X   
Mill RoadX XXX
Worsdell Way X   
New Town & Christ Church
Hatcher Crescent X   
Old Heath Recreation GroundX XXX
St Johns GreenX    
Abbey FieldX XX 
 Up to 15 yrsUnder 12 yrsYouth ShelterBasketballGoals
Baden PowellX    
Westland Country ParkX    
Shrub End
Barbour Gardens X   
Boadicea WayX    
Corunna DriveOpens new window x   
Gladiator Way X   
Harvey Road X   
Kingford X   
Buffett WayX    
Greenstead FieldX  XX
Greenstead SlopesX    
Hickory AvenueX  XX
The Chase X   
Titania Close X   
 Up to 15 yrsUnder 12 yrsYouth ShelterBasketballGoals
St Annes & St Johns
Alderton Road X   
Longridge fieldX    
Pondfield MUGA   XX
Ripple WayX    
St AnnesX    
Chalfont Road X   
St Brides X   
St Cyrus X   
Swift Avenue X   
 Up to 15 yrsUnder 12 yrsYouth ShelterBasketballGoals
Chestnut Way X   
Thyme Road X   
Lexden & Braiswick
Erie Harvard X   
Fiddlers Folley (North) X   
Fiddlers Folley (South) X   
Lorkin Way X   
King George VX                   X          X
Shelley Road X   
Mersea & Pyefleet
Victoria Esplanade X   
Lower Lodge X