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Colchester Creative Events Fund Terms and Conditions

More information on Colchester Creative Events Fund Terms and Conditions


  • Criteria for funding
  • Terms and Conditions

Colchester Creative Events Fund 2020/21
All applicants are advised to read this document carefully before completing the application form.

Please note that applying for a grant does not guarantee you will receive funding.


Colchester Borough Council will make available a Fund with a total value of £20,000 and consider applications for grants of between £250 and £1500 maximum for creative events taking place between 1st May 2020 and 30th April 2021. The closing date for applications will be the 19th of Jan 2020.

Criteria for funding

  • Only events which demonstrate they will achieve at least two of the following will be considered for funding:
    • Deliver a high-quality cultural experience to local audiences
    • Develop and showcase local artistic talent
    • Encourage visitors to the Borough
    • Celebrate local communities

In addition applicants should demonstrate how their event contributes to the wider aims of the Council as laid out in the Strategic Plan 2018-21

  • The definition of a ‘creative event’ is flexible. It may be a multi event festival covering a period of some weeks/months or a one-day event but it must be open to anyone to attend.
  • If you are charging for the event you must make clear where any income generated will be assigned. Commercial events are not eligible for support from this funding stream.
  • The event must take place within the Borough of Colchester
  • The application must be submitted by an individual, voluntary or professional organisation or community group active within the Borough of Colchester.  Please note whilst applications from individuals are not precluded, there needs to be wider public benefit and it is expected that in most cases applications will be submitted on behalf of organisations.
  • Only one grant will be awarded to an individual/organisation in any one financial year. Multiple applications for separate events falling within a ‘Festival’ will not be accepted.
  • If you are applying for an established annual or pre-existing event you should demonstrate how funding will build upon and add value to the existing activity – for example providing a new activity/experience/performance; engaging with an additional /different audience or group; or taking the event to a different location/venue within the Borough.
  • Applications must be completed online:

Application Form

CBC will not fund;

  • 100% of the cost of the project; we expect to see partner contribution(s)/sponsorship, either in cash or ‘in-kind’ (minimum 25% contribution)
  • Current projects in deficit
  • Projects which have already taken place or start within the grant assessment and administration period (10 weeks from the closing date)
  • Projects which take place mainly outside of the Borough of Colchester
  • Projects for commercial gain
  • Any project where the applicant has outstanding debts/is in dispute with Colchester Borough Council

Awarding and administration of grants/terms and conditions

  • Applications will be assessed by The Portfolio Holder for Culture and Performance and Council Officers.
  • Applications will be assessed against the criteria.
  • Decisions about awards will be made within the available resources. If the Fund is oversubscribed successful applicants may be granted a proportion of and not the full amount of their request.  
  • Decisions will be made within a maximum of 6 weeks of the closing date and you will be informed in writing whether you have been successful or not. Applicants are strongly advised to factor in sufficient time from the assessment and administration period (10 weeks from the closing date) to start their projects.
  • Appeals - THE DECISION OF THE PORTFOLIO HOLDER IS FINAL. However, you are welcome to seek feedback on any decisions if wished.
  • No funds will be released before the end of the assessment and administration period 10 weeks from the closing date.  
  • One-off project grants will be paid as set out in the Offer Letter.  The total grant amount will not exceed £1500.
  • The amount written in the Offer letter is the maximum we will pay.
  • No funds will be released until a Conditions of Grant Agreement has been signed and returned. Funds will not be released to personal bank accounts.
  • If you expect your activity to be delayed or the event has to be cancelled, you must contact us as soon as possible to explain and we will confirm whether this is acceptable. If we deem that this is not acceptable, we reserve the right to rescind the grant.
  • Furthermore, we reserve the right to rescind the grant under any of the following circumstances:
    • Failure to obtain necessary artists’ insurance
    • Failure to obtain necessary Disclosure & Barring Service checks
    • If your business or organisation goes into financial administration or you go into bankruptcy or insolvency
    • If you do not follow our reasonable instructions or special conditions imposed on your awar
    • If you do not use your award for the purpose for which it was awarded
    • If you changed your award-related activity from the application specifications without requesting permission from us first
    • If you act illegally or negligently at any time during the funded activity, related to that activity
    • If we believe your actions harm the reputation of CBC
    • If you sell or transfer the grant to another person or organisation


All event organisers in receipt of funding should be prepared to complete and submit evaluation of their event should this be requested. Failure to do so could lead to the applicant being barred from future applications.


Successful applicants are to include CBC branding and logos and an acknowledgement of support on all promotional materials.

Additional guidance on completing the application form:

  • Name of Applicant/ Lead Organisation: refers to the individual, group or organisation applying for the grant.
  • Lead contact name: should be someone who has a good working knowledge of the project. All future correspondence relating to the application will be addressed to the contact name so please ensure these details are correct.
  • Amount of grant request: This should be the total amount you are requesting from Colchester Borough Council to part fund your application proposal.
  • What are your other sources of funding? Here you should state how much match funding (money from other sources) you have either applied for or have received to support your event. You should also include support “in-kind”. Please note that it is anticipated that this scheme will be oversubscribed; applications with strong evidence of partnership funding will have a greater chance of success