Report a Nuisance

How to report a nuisance to us


  • Talking to your neighbour
  • Report a nuisance
  • Information needed to complain

Before you contact us think about talking to your neighbour. People who cause a nuisance are often unaware of the effect that their activities are having on their neighbours. The best way to deal with the problem is to speak (or write a polite note) to the person responsible to make them aware that they are causing a problem. 

 The following document provides guidance on what is considered reasonable behaviour with regard to noise.

Good Neighbour Guide

Report a nuisance

Telephone our Customer Service Centre between 9.00 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday (not including Bank Holidays) on 01206 282581, or email:

Information needed to complain

Having the following information available will help us respond as quickly as possible to your complaint: 

  • Your name and address (we are not able to deal with anonymous complaints, but we will not disclose your name to the person you are complaining about without asking you first).
  • The address of where the problem is coming from (and, if you know it, the name of the person responsible).
  • The type of nuisance you are suffering from.
  • When and how often it occurs.
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