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Free White Garden bags - FAQs

Information about why we made garden sacks free, and how to download a voucher and find your nearest collection point.


  • Why we made the white garden bags free of charge
  • How many white bags can I collect
  • How can I reduce the risk of my white garden sack getting lost
  • How to order more white garden bags

Why have you made the white garden bags free?  

Residents living in the wheelie bin collection areas receive a free 240 litre wheeled bin to store their garden waste within as detailed in December 2016’s Cabinet Report, which formally agreed the changes to collections. It is therefore only right that the white garden sacks for residents in the black bag areas should also be free of charge.

How many white bags can I collect?

You are entitled to collect a maximum of 4 bags per calendar year.

Please Note:

You are entitled to put out a maximum of 4 bags a fortnight for collection from your kerbside.


How can I reduce the risk of my white garden bag getting lost?

We encourage you to write your address clearly on the sack in a permanent marker.

Where possible, please leave a heavy object near to your bags for the collection crews to place on the sacks after emptying.


What if my white garden bag gets lost or damaged?

You can order white bags for delivery to your home address. 

This service has been put in place as a response to changes during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Order white bags