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Extra Boxes for Glass and Cans - FAQs

Find out information about why we are providing extra green boxes for glass and cans and when it will start.


  • Why we are providing an optional extra green box for glass and cans.
  • How to order white garden sacks and recycling containers


Why are you providing an extra container for glass and cans?  

A second green box should make it easier as glass can go in one and cans (including aerosol cans, jar lids and foil) can go in the other. It would also be more efficient for the crew when they collect your recycling.  

Having a second green box is entirely optional and you can still use the one green box for your glass and cans.  


Where can I get an extra box and my recycling containers?  

You can order recycling containers for delivery to your home address. 

This service has been put in place as a response to changes during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Order recycling containers