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Neighbourhood 2 - Meet the Team

Meet the Community Neighbourhood Team who manage Neighbourhood 2 - the Town Centre (Castle Ward).


  • Meet the team.
  • Find contact details for the team.

Report an issue


The fastest way to report issues to your Neighbourhood Team is online.

Request a street clean


Contact the team to request a street clean for issues including:

  • fly-tipping
  • fly-posting
  • dog fouling
  • graffiti
  • litter

Request a street clean

Report an abandoned vehicle


Abandoned vehicles in your neighbourhood can be reported to your Neighbourhood Team.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Introducing your team


Neighbourhood 2 is staffed by a Neighbourhood Manager, Neighbourhood Wardens, and Neighbourhood Operatives. Between us, we support our local community and improve and maintain the areas covered in our neighbourhood.

Our residents' input is extremely valuable to our team - we welcome any suggestions as to how we can improve our local neighbourhoods and aim to work with our local residents to improve their environment.​

Samantha, Neighbourhood Manager

Photo of Sam, Neighbourhood Manager


07770 365331

Deputy Manager

Photo of Brandon, Deputy Neighbourhood Manager


Neighbourhood Wardens

Photo of Matt, a team member Photo of Geoff, a team member


07795 306882


07852 456821

Photo of Richard, a team member Photo of Nick, a team member


07990 996537


07949 783830

Neighbourhood Operatives

Photo of Ian, a team member Photo of Chris, a team member
Ian Chris
Photo of William, a team member Photo of Patrick, a team member
William Patrick
Photo of Steve, a team member
Stephen Steve
Photo of Mark, a team member Photo of David, a team member
Mark David
Photo of Nathan, a team member Photo of Graham, a team member
Nathan Graham
Photo of John, a team member Photo of Kenny, a team member
John Kenny
Photo of Lars, a team member

Contact us


For any information on your recycling and rubbish collections and community events, or to discuss other issues, please call one of the Neighbourhood Wardens.

Alternatively, you can contact Sam, the Neighbourhood Manager, on 07770 365331.

Community links


We have put together useful contact information for your neighbourhood, such as local community groups.

Community Links for Neighbourhood 2