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Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan Examination

Details of the appointed examiner for the Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan.


  • Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan examiner

An Independent Examiner has been appointed to examine the Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan. The Examiner is John Parmiter FRICS FRSA MRTPI.

The responses received to the Regulation 16 consultation have been sent to the Examiner to consider the Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan. These can all be viewed via our consultation portal.  

The examination commenced in August 2020.   

The examiner issued the Final Examination Report on 9 October 2020. This recommends that the Neighbourhood Plan cannot proceed to referendum.

Colchester Borough Council and Tiptree Parish Council are both extremely disappointed with this outcome.

The Examiners Report and Decision Statement are available below.

Although the overall recommendation to not proceed to referendum is accepted, the Council and Tiptree Parish Council consider that the Examiner’s Report contains a number of inconsistences and it may appear unclear how certain conclusions were reached.

A Joint Examination Response has also been prepared to outline these inconsistences and the view of the Local Planning Authority and Qualifying Body (Tiptree Parish Council).

As the Plan cannot procced to referendum, the Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan will now return to the Regulation 14 stage.

The Council and Tiptree Parish Council remain committed to work together to deliver a Neighbourhood Plan for Tiptree as soon as possible.

Examination Documents

Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 Schedule of Representations

Examiner's Report

Regulation 18 Decision Statement

Colchester Borough Council and Tiptree Parish Council Joint Examination Response


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