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Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning and what it means to you


  • Neighbourhood Planning
  • Adopted Neighbourhood Plans
  • Examination of Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan
  • Progress on emerging Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood planning


The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and Localism Act 2011 gives local communities the ability to prepare neighbourhood plans.

Refer to detailed national guidance for more information.

National guidance on neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood Plans can be prepared by the local town or parish council or by a Neighbourhood Plan Forum within non-parished areas. They allow local people to set out future changes in their area by creating policies to help influence local factors including the right type of development for their community, whilst meeting the needs of the wider area.

A number of Parishes across Colchester Borough are taking the opportunity to prepare Neighbourhood Plans.  Adopted plans are already in place for Boxted, Myland & Braiswick, Wivenhoe, West Bergholt and Eight Ash Green.  A summary of the stage each of the emerging neighbourhood plans has reached is outlined below.

Documents for the adopted neighbourhood plans


Marks Tey Neighbourhood Plan


An independent examiner has been appointed to examine the Marks Tey Neighbourhood Plan. He is Peter Biggers BSc (Hons) MRTPI AIHBC.

The Examiner carried out a site visit to Marks Tey in mid-August 2021 and is content that the examination proceeds on the basis of written representations and that a public hearing will not be necessary.

The responses received to the Regulation 16 consultation have been sent to the Examiner to consider the Marks Tey Neighbourhood Plan. These responses will be made available on our consultation portal in due course.

As a result of his work, the examiner has identified some questions for both Colchester Borough Council and Marks Tey Neighbourhood Plan Group.

Marks Tey NP Examiners Questions 1-16 CBC response

Marks Tey NP Examiners Questions 17-19 CBC response

PC response to Examiner's list of Questions Sept 2021

Marks Tey NP Examiner's report

Marks Tey NP decision statement


Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan


The Examiner has now issued the Examination Report. The examination has now concluded.

Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 Consultation

Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan Examination

Progress on emerging Neighbourhood Plans



Following a period of reflection, work on the Copford with Easthorpe Neighbourhood Plan resumed last year.  An open public vision meeting was held in November 2018 to present existing information and gather resident views.

Great Tey

Great Tey carried out an informal initial preliminary consultation and have prepared an evidence base.  A consultant has been appointed and a call for sites was carried out in summer 2019.  A draft plan is expected to be published for consultation in spring 2020.  

Great Horkesley

Following an application made by Great Horkesley Parish Council, the Great Horkesley Neighbourhood Area was designated in June 2022.
More information will be available on the Parish Council website.

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