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How to become a market stall holder at Colchester Market


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Become a Market Stall Holder 

Pitches are available in Colchester High Street to trade from on either Friday, Saturday or both days.  

You will be assigned a pitch depending on the size you require and ensuring traders do not sell the same type of goods as nearby shops or other stall holders. 

The pitches supplied on Colchester Charter Market are 2.5m²/2.4m² gazebos which will be erected and supplied with electricity if required. Any internal fitments and display materials will need to be provided by you (for example, hanging rails, tables, banners).  

Apply to become a Market Stall Holder 

To apply to be a Market Stall Holder please click here

Colchester Charter Market has a waiting list in operation and depending on the type of goods you wish to sell will depend on how long you remain on the list. We try to ensure traders do not sell the same type of goods as nearby shops and other stall holders. 

Once a position has been offered you will be permitted to trade as a Casual for two weeks to see if trading is viable. Should you wish to continue trading you will be asked to sign a thirteen week contract, which is payable on a weekly basis by standing order. 

The contract is a legal document which has to be signed by you for the thirteen week period. Market stallage payments are payable whether you trade or not. 

More information can be found on the Information and Regulations page. 

Market Information and Regulations 

Cost of market pitches

From April 2019 to March 2020

Fees are £29.10 per Pitch per day

The Market runs every Friday & Saturday with fees paid in advance of trading

Mains Electric Hook-up is charged at £1.10 per hook-up per day

Selling food items 

If you are thinking of selling food items, please read the Health and Safety documents. More information can be found on the Information and Regulations page. 

Market information and regulations 

Please note that you will receive a visit from our Environmental Health Officer while trading within the market and they will to make an assessment as to whether the Health and Safety Regulations are being adhered too. 

Insurance and Right To Work documentation 

Public Liability Insurance will be required and in place to a value of five million pounds of cover and Employer's Liability will be required for five staff and over. When completing your market trader application form you will be asked to provide details of your insurance company and policy number, along with proof of your right to work in the UK (UK passport, Driving Licence or National Insurance Number).  

Trading hours 

The market site will be available for setting up between 6am and 9am on a staggered loading schedule. Stallholders must be set up ready to trade between the hours of 9am and 4pm. Stallholders vehicles must be removed with the times given for their pitch and will not be allowed back on site until their allocated time.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will I get a refund if I have already paid to trade but I am/ have been unable to trade on some of these days? 

No refund will be granted for any period where the primary stallholder, or the stallholder, is unable to use a stall from the site for whatever reasons whatsoever. Stallage payments are payable whether you trade or not as the market stallage has been designated to you. 

Are Market traders entitled to holiday? 

Yes there is a holiday entitlement and this will depend on the amount of days the trader trades.  The Council reserves the right to refuse holiday requests for any reason whatsoever if it feels that there would be a detrimental effect to the financial viability of the Market. 

What can I do if I have a problem with another market trader or street trader? 

Disciplinary matters and disputes will in the first instance be dealt with by the market inspector and if necessary be referred to the appropriate Council Officer.  Breaches of rules or regulations will be discussed with the stallholder and they will be asked to correct any breaches or comply with any rules in the first instance. 

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