Cost of living support

Colchester City Council is providing support for residents facing the cost of living crisis.

The Council's Management Team

Our Senior Management Board is responsible for the overall running of the organisation.


  • Senior Management Board
Our Senior Management Board is responsible for the delivery of the Council’s key strategic priorities and outcomes and provides strategic leadership over key drivers including resources, organisational culture, environmental sustainability and reducing inequalities. 

In addition, the Senior Management Board works with its Councillors and Administration in seeking inward investment to Colchester, uses its own assets for further development and helps to deliver collective ambitions and priorities for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors.

The Service Delivery Heads have full responsibility for the day-to-day delivery of services, the implementation of plans, and the management of staff. Budgets for the Council and individual services are shown in the Statement of Accounts.

Please also see Council Data for more information, including the number of staff employed and senior salaries.

Senior Management Board

The Senior Management Board consists of the Chief Executive, Chief Operating Office, Executive Director, Place (Deputy Chief Executive) and three Strategic Directors.

Pamela Donnelly  - Chief ExecutivePamela Donnelly, Strategic Director of Customer and Relationships


Richard Block – Chief Operating OfficerRichard Block, Assistant Director (Corporate and Improvement Services)


Lindsay Barker - Executive Director PlaceLindsay Barker – Strategic Director of Policy & Place


Assistant Directors

The four assistant directors work strategically in the senior management team and with partners, Councillors and staff to ​deliver our strategic plan priorities, continually improve services for the council and ​help make Colchester a better place for our businesses, ​communities and visitors.  They lead and manage a set of services as described below.

Lucie Breadman - Strategic DirectorLucie Breadman, Assistant Director (Communities)


Mandy Jones - Strategic DirectorMandy Jones, Assistant Director (Place and Client Services)


Rory Doyle, Assistant Director (Environment)
Rory Doyle - Strategic Director

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