Proposed Colchester Local List Selection Criteria Consultation

The Council is consulting on revisions to the Colchester Local List Selection Criteria


Proposed Colchester Local List Selection Criteria Consultation

Between 4th August and 28th September the Council is consulting on revisions to the Colchester Local List Selection Criteria.  

In September 2018, the Local Plan Committee considered a report on the Colchester Local List of non-designated heritage assets in the Borough and approved both a review of the Local List selection criteria.

The report (pp.102-108 of the Local Plan Committee, 13 September 2018, Agenda Document Pack) and Minutes of meeting (section 142) are available on the Council’s website:

Click here to view the documents

When is the consultation period?

Eight weeks, between 4th August and 28th September.

What is the Local List?

The Colchester Local List safeguards selected heritage assets that, although not suitable for designation nationally as a Listed Building or Scheduled Monument, are considered historically or architecturally important at a local level, are valued by the local community and that make a significant contribution to the character and setting of Colchester and the surrounding villages. A Local List provides for the due consideration or protection for heritage assets that local people value. Residents can nominate assets for the Local List that they care about.

In accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework, Historic England Advice Note 7 Local Heritage Listing ( and the Colchester Local Plan (Policy DM14 of the Adopted Local Plan 2001-2021), the Council is required to maintain a Local List for the Borough.

The Local List for Colchester town was adopted by the Council in 2011, following an identification and selection process by a panel of heritage specialists (Colchester Historic Buildings Forum).  In 2012, the Local List for Wivenhoe, prepared by the Wivenhoe Townscape Forum, was adopted by the Council. 

What is the need for revising Selection Criteria? 

The current Selection Criteria for Colchester’s Local List, from 2010, are as follows:

Choosing buildings for the local list 

Buildings on the draft local list are those which are suggested to be of local importance rather than national. Buildings have been included on the list if they are not already 'listed' and at least one of the following criteria apply: 

1. The building is earlier than 1840 and is in good or restorable condition. 

2. The building dates to between 1840-1945 and is largely complete plus is of an architectural and/or historic value which rises from 'good' for the oldest buildings to 'very high' for the younger ones in the date range. 

3. The building was built after 1945 and is complete with no inappropriate alterations or extensions plus is of highest architectural or historic value. 

4. The building has group or skyline value. 

Various additional factors have been taken into account during the selection process.  They are not sufficient in their own right or in combination to justify inclusion in the list but they have been used to tip the balance in marginal cases. They are as follows: historic value, iconic value, contribution to the historic character of the area in which it stands, prominence in the townscape or landscape, quirkiness, rarity in Colchester terms, and sustainability (i.e. the building is realistically capable of reuse).

The current Selection Criteria make no provision for heritage assets other than buildings. The revised Selection Criteria have been expanded to include other types of heritage asset in accordance with the broad definition of heritage assets in the National Planning Policy Framework (buildings, monuments, sites, places, areas or landscapes) and Historic England’s Advice Note 7 (paragraphs 25-27 and Table 1). 

To view and download the full consultation draft of the Colchester Local List Selection Criteria document as a PDF please follow the link below:

Colchester Local List Selection Criteria domnload

To download the response form please click the link below:

Response form download

How to make a representation and where to send it

Representations can be made to the Council by emailing with the reference to the Local List Selection Criteria in the header of the email.  Alternatively if you, or someone you know, do not have access to a computer, consultation responses can be posted to:

Planning Policy

Colchester Borough Council





What will happen next?

All responses will be evaluated and any changes will be made to the Selection Criteria. A report on the consultation, along with the revised Local List Selection Criteria, will be submitted to the Local Plan Committee for scrutiny and adoption.

Please note that individual comments will not be answered directly.

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