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Land Charges Income Statement 2020/21

A statement our costs and the income we receive from providing a Local Land Charge service.


The Local Authorities (England) (Charges for Property Searches) Regulations 2008 require us to publish information about the cost of providing our local land charge service as well as the income we receives.

2020/21 Land Charges Statement


The figures for the current financial year are estimates based on previous year’s figures and are also net of VAT.

The actual cost and estimated cost of providing the Local Land Charges service in 2020/21 are as follows:

Description 2020/21 estimate 2020/21 actual
Income £248,600 £269,038.27
Expenditure £248,600 £278,728.27
Full Search Fee £132.13 £132.13
Overall Search Volume 1,805 2,392

The estimated cost of our Local Land Charges service carrying out Official Local Authority Searches has been based on our approved budget for 2020/21. This includes a full apportionment of all appropriate overheads and on-costs, including our internal services and Essex Highways services, between the LLC1 & CON29R in accordance with the overall time spent.

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