Share Your Stories With Colchester Museums!

PUBLISHED: 5 September 2019

Date issued: 5 September

Share Your Stories With Colchester Museums!

Colchester Castle is offering locals a unique chance to be part of its new exhibition Adorn: Jewellery, the Human Story, now open at Colchester Castle.

People have chosen to decorate themselves for thousands of years through clothing, jewellery or tattoos in order to stand out and express themselves. However, the stories behind why people chose to adorn themselves have often been lost through time.

Colchester Castle’s new exhibition Adorn explores some of these lost stories through 3,000 years of adornment. With Roman jewellery from Pompeii and some of the oldest gold objects from Essex on display the exhibition explores our fascination with adornment throughout history.

Part of the exhibition includes ‘Your Stories’, a project by the curatorial team to showcase local people’s personal experiences and stories of adornment. Currently Doris, Matt, Linda, Claire,

Mary & Simon and Shan are the first six participants to be ‘on display’ in the exhibition. From custom made earrings to full body tattoos, their stories are full of emotion and meaning.

The curatorial team are now looking for two more groups of participants to feature in the exhibition. If chosen, your stories will be presented, larger than life, at the end of October 2019, or in the final display in January 2020.

Councillor Julie Young, Deputy Leader of Colchester Council and Portfolio Holder for Culture and Performance says, “Adorn is an incredible exhibition and ‘Your Stories’ really add an extra dimension to the visitor. Please do get in touch with the team if you have an item of jewellery, a piercing or a tattoo that has a special meaning to you. Who knows you could be part of this extraordinary exhibition!”

If you are interested please head to Colchester Museums website at and register your interest. You will be asked to upload an image and supporting information.

Adorn runs until16 February 2019. Admission is included in Castle entry. Find out more at

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