Electric cargo bikes now available for pay-as-you-go hire in the city centre

PUBLISHED: 23 October 2023

As part of plans to provide sustainable transport options to city centre residents, Colchester City Council has introduced pay-as-you-go electric cargo bikes. This exciting initiative enhances the city's commitment to encourage short journeys without relying on cars.

The scheme was officially launched on Saturday outside the city centre’s Secure Bike Park, which now houses an eCargo bike fleet purpose-built to meet various transport needs, including carrying groceries, children, bulky items, and more. The eCargo bikes are also useful for trips to the recycling centre, as pedestrians and cyclists carrying waste from their own home are not required to book. The bikes are suitable for use on cycle paths, bus lanes, roads, and bridleways, offering versatility to users and must be returned to the Secure Bike Hub at the end of each booking.

Residents interested in using the eCargo bikes must first complete a free advanced adult cycle training session and an induction program facilitated by the council, to ensure that they are competent cyclists and well-informed about the safe operation of eCargo bikes. Following the successful completion of the training, residents gain access to book eCargo bikes as needed through the user-friendly Spokesafe website.

To celebrate the launch, an introductory offer is available which lets users rent an eCargo bike for a fee of £1.50 an hour with a minimum hire of 2 hours, or just £10 for a full day’s rental.

The electric cargo bike program is an integral part of Colchester City Council’s commitment to improving local air quality and reducing carbon emissions in the city.

The program is being delivered by the council following a successful bid for funding to the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra),

Cllr Andrea Luxford Vaughan Portfolio Holder for Planning, Environment and Sustainability, said: “Our electric cargo bike rental program is designed to make sustainable transport accessible and affordable for city centre residents. Cycling, as a practical, flexible as well as an eco-friendly and health-conscious mode of transport, plays a vital role in shaping our city's future. The introduction of pay-as-you-go eCargo bikes not only makes sustainable travel more accessible and affordable but also promotes a cleaner environment and healthier living. We are excited to see this initiative contribute to Colchester's sustainability and air quality goals.”

For further information regarding this program, training sessions, and instructions on booking an electric cargo bike, please visit the Spokesafe Website.

The scheme complements other Council facilitated shared transport initiatives including the electric car club, eCargo bike short term hire scheme for businesses, the forthcoming eCargo bike short term hire scheme for residents and the community-led shared eBike hub in New Town.

Page last reviewed: 23 October 2023


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