Council monitoring fuel supply issues

PUBLISHED: 1 October 2021

Colchester Borough Council is closely monitoring the current issues with fuel supplies and have put plans in place to minimise any potential disruption to its services.

While steps are being taken nationally to tackle the well-publicised problems with fuel supplies and the changes in demand for petrol and diesel, the council is ensuring it is prepared for any impact on its fleet of vehicles.

A key focus is on continuing services such as waste and recycling collections, core neighbourhood services in the busiest locations across the borough, and Helpline, which provides a 24-hour emergency monitoring and response service for people with a range of needs.

As part of this, residents are being advised to keep monitoring the council’s social media for any announcements over the coming week about their waste collections. If any changes are necessary the council will seek to inform people as soon as possible via announcements on its website, and on its social media channels.

Cllr Simon Crow, Colchester Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainability, said: “We are due to get another supply of fuel for our fleet of vehicles early next week. However, we have plans in place to minimise any potential disruption to our services if this delivery is delayed.

“We have tried-and-tested plans that we had in place during the pandemic, which we are building on, like prioritising certain waste collections to ensure that, if necessary, we are able to continue delivering a core service to our residents during this period.

“We sincerely hope we do not have to put any of these plans into action, but we wanted to warn people of the possibility in advance and to apologise for any inconvenience our residents may face as a result.

“We will do our best to ensure any changes to waste collections or any other services are communicated as quickly as possible. I would urge everyone to keep a check on our website and social media channels for updates.”

Page last reviewed: 1 October 2021


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