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Councils Reaffirm Commitment to Garden Community Principles for Tendring/Colchester Borders Garden Community

PUBLISHED: 19 October 2020

Date issued: 19 October 2020

Lead members and officers from Colchester Borough Council, Tendring District Council and Essex County Council met recently to discuss and reaffirm the next steps for the Garden Community at the Tendring/Colchester Borders.

Agreeing that Cllr Tony Ball (Cabinet Member for Economic Development at Essex County Council) would be chair of the meetings for the next year, the meeting also focused on the priority work going forwards.

Cllr Tony Ball for Essex County Council, Cllr Carlo Guglielmi for Tendring District Council and Cllr David King for Colchester Borough Council will be the lead authority representatives for the project for the rest of the year. The purpose of the joint meetings going forwards will be for the three Councils to discuss, agree and steer matters, prior to any required political decisions being made individually by each authority.

In addition, Cllr Paul Dundas (Leader of Colchester Borough Council’s Conservative group) will also attend the meetings in support of cross-party communication going forwards.

All members at the meeting agreed their full support and commitment to Garden Community Principles for the Tendring/Colchester Borders Garden Community. Work is now starting to take place to prepare a Development Plan Document (DPD) for the Tendring/Colchester Borders Garden Community, which will go out for public consultation prior to being adopted. The DPD is a policy document which will detail and guide the development for the Tendring/Colchester Borders Garden Community.

Cllr Tony Ball (Cabinet Member for Economic Development at Essex County Council) said “The Garden Community on the Tendring/Colchester borders offers us a genuinely unique opportunity to create something special. I welcome the proactive and positive enthusiasm of my colleagues in Colchester and Tendring and look forward to working with them.”

Cllr Carlo Guglielmi (Deputy Leader of Tendring District Council) said “Some excellent work has taken place so far from all partners for this Garden Community. I am glad that we all share the same aspirations and real commitment to deliver this to the highest possible standard.”

Cllr David King (Cabinet Member for Business and Resources at Colchester Borough Council) said “I look forward to working with our local authority partners to help shape something that we want to be among the best of its kind in the country. This is an exciting opportunity to do something different, and better.”

Page last reviewed: 19 October 2020


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